About Us

Specialized Concentration

We understand the importance of being specialized. Specialization enables our firm to have a greater understanding of the professions with which we work and allows us to better serve your needs. Specializing in Administrative & Accounting positions with professional businesses and individuals within a 50­mile radius of the Triangle is a key to our success and your satisfaction. This specialization distinguishes us from broadly focused placement agencies by attracting professional candidates specifically selected to suit your needs.

Motivated Staffing Team

The Five Star team is dedicated to maintaining accurate, high­impact service. Our team understands the importance of your time. To ensure that you receive quality candidates the first time around, we meet every candidate we represent and complete in­ depth behavioral based interviews, skills assessments and background checks.

Executive Involvement

Because your satisfaction is important to us, every candidate search involves our principal partners. Finding the right person fro the right job is critical and we value this responsibility. As such, the partners remain active throughout the hiring process.

Business Experience

Our principal partners bring over 30 years of recruiting and staffing experience to the firm. Armed with their expertise and credibility, the parents produce a precise match for client companies and for successful hiring.